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Valarie Howard (right) and Jo-Howard Campbell (left), Founder and Co-FounderThe Senior Gospel Community Choir was founded by Director of Music and Pianist, Valarie Howard, along with her sister, Co-Founder, Jo Howard-Campbell.  The first meeting/rehearsal was held on April 17, 2007, with nine members present.  There are currently 27 members.   Unless otherwise indicated, rehearsals are scheduled on the first, third, and fifth Saturdays of the month at 10 a.m. The current rehearsal location is at the Lake Providence Baptist Church at 301 Sumner Avenue in Lake Elsinore, CA.

To date, the choir has presented concerts at several churches, sung at revival and outreach services, milestone birthday celebrations, weddings, retirement celebrations, local choir musicals, Christmas programs, and at convalescent centers.

The Senior Gospel Community Choir is prayerfully seeking new members.   Although they have regular rehearsals  and singing engagements, they are mindful that each member's own individual church commitments take priority, and activities are scheduled accordingly.

Background of Director of Music

Valarie Howard moved to Lake Elsinore in 2005 after retiring from the San Diego Unified School District.  During her time in San Diego, she served  for 30+ years as Senior Musician at Greater Trinity Baptist Church. She was also a musician for the Progressive Baptist District Association Music Department for 20+ years.  Currently, she is music director for the Lake Providence Baptist Church in Lake Elsinore, CA, and also works with the Healing Center Outreach.  She serves on the music staff at the Exodus Missionary Baptist Church in San Diego, CA, and the Victory Baptist Church of Los Angeles.

Founding the Senior Gospel Community Choir was a dream fulfilled for Valarie.  She was inspired to do so shortly after her relocation to Lake Elsinore.  However, she did not proceed until she knew within her heart that it was God's will for her to move in that direction. 


Choir Membership

Valarie Howard, Founder and Director of Music
Jo Howard-Campbell, Co-Founder, Director of Activities
Regina Cramer-Terry, Choir Director
Min. Gene Barnes, Spiritual Advisor
Sandie Finkboner, Treasurer
Patty Koch, Librarian
Geema Arbuthnot
Anne Barnes
Taylor Barnes
Victoria Bleeker
Mae Bosley
H. Chris Brown
Minister Lisa Chandler
Linda Chase
Jackie Durden
Robin Endert
Evang. Shirley Ennen
Janice Hare
Laura Hernandez
Gina Kraut
Clara Larson
Mike Loskota
Peter Mabrie
Linda Parker
Hans Portegies
Mary Pruitt
Hazel Spracklin
Yvonne Suitor
Joe Thompson
Carol Walker
Maudie Wilson
Alice Williams
Dea. Melvin Wilson


Visit our Contact Us page if you are interested in joining the choir or in scheduling a performance.  

Senior Gospel Community Choir
Lake Elsinore, CA
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